Tossa de Mar is located between Lloret de Mar y Sant Feliu Guixols and it is undoubtedly one of the best villages on the Costa Brava. The Carrer del Portal  which is a street full of shops of typical products solely and exclusively for tourists. There are also shops for non-tourists but they are not the ones that abound. The second important street is the promenade along Tossa beach. In addition to these two streets, the town has a small walled city that gives it a special charm. The main attraction of Tossa is its beaches and coves which we can reach in a short drive.

1. Cala Pola 

As you can see, it is a tiny cove that looks really like a pool from above. With precision, it is only 70 meters wide and is a real natural beauty, although in high season, it is usually too crowded.

2. Cala Giverola In the shape of a horseshoe, the Cala Giverola is protected by rock formations, highlighting the tip of S'Aguilera and Punta Giverola. Its waters are crystalline and its sand, of a pink color, creating a beautiful contrast with the green of the pines.

3. Cala Futadera As Cala Bona, to access this impressive cove, you must leave the car on the road and walk down a path. The last stretch is rocky and slippery. This cove transports you to the Caribbean. For its tiny dimensions it does not fill up too much and the color of the turquoise water very beautiful. The only buts are the rocks when you get in the water, the number of boats (maybe 40) that come to enjoy this paradise and that being so wild and being under a cliff, the sun does not last all day That until 15:00). In spite of this, we recommend openly this cove for those people who must choose one.

4. Cala Bona meanders from the open sea for 75 kilometers until it ends in an idyllic landscape of rocks and pine forest that surrounds a very lively cove of 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width. This makes it an ideal cove for snorkeling. Although it is not a suitable place for sunbathing, as there is hardly any sand (it is composed of rocks and pebbles), it is worth visiting.

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