1. La Tomatina

Ever had a craving for tossing a tomato to somebody? At the Tomatina in Buñol you can! This insane convention began 70 years prior, and now on each and every Wednesday of August, a great many individuals toss tomatoes at each other amid the funnest occasion of the year.


La Tomatina is very of a bigger festival; it denotes the finish of a whole week of parades, gatherings, fairs and road markets. It is so unique thus fun that individuals visit Spain just to partake in it. The quantity of members is constrained to 20,000, which appears a ton yet tickets are sold out in a glimmer. So on the off chance that you need to go insane in Buñol, make a point to get your tickets well ahead of time!


2. The August Fair in Malaga


The August Fair of Malaga is a whole week brimming with fun exercises and occasions at the core of the Costa del Sol. It's the best place and time of year to unwind and appreciate an awesome occasion. The reasonable of Malaga is one the best occasions of the mid year.


Mid-August, the downtown area will have the feria de dia (reasonable amid the day), the more conventional part with road markets, music and customary moves. The feria de noche (reasonable amid the night) happens simply outside the city, with attractions, nourishment slows down and move tents.


3. The Fiesta Mayor de Gracia in Barcelona


Amid summer, each area of Barcelona praises its own particular common gatherings, yet none are as uncommon, fun and innovative as the Fiestas de Gracia in August.

The meaningful Gracia neighborhood is changed into a tremendous place, loaded with craftsmanship and shading. Its avenues rival each other to win initially cost generally advantageous and most indulgent beautification, while offering guests and passers-by a genuinely great view. With each corner you turn you will be transported to an alternate world.

And if the decoration on its own is not enough, at the Fiestas de Gracia you can also enjoy street acrobats, correfocs (a fireworks spectacle), exhibitions, parades, street markets... And at night the fun continues with the many concerts that are held at the squares of Gracia.


4. Boloencierro in Mataelpino, Madrid

Envision running as quick as you can while attempting to get away from a mammoth chunk of 3 meters in diameter with a weight of more than 150 kg... That is the thing that happens each August in Mataelpino, a town in the Sierra de Guadarrama. The town chosen to supplant the conventional encierro (running with bulls) with this boloencierro, where the hero is a major, plastic ball.

Indeed, even kids can make the most of their own scaled down boloencierro, with littler and lighter balls that are painted in brilliant hues to make them more noticeable. Is it true that you are prepared to get an adrenaline surge?


5. The Semana Grande of Bilbao

Amidst August, Bilbao prepares for its most essential occasion of the year, the Aste Nagusis or Semana Grande. This celebration goes on for 9 days, with shows, fairs, theater exhibitions and a lot of other diversion occurring everywhere throughout the city. One of the highlights are the firecrackers rivalries that light up the sky each night.

The most recent day of the celebration, there won't be any firecrackers. The end service becomes the dominant focal point rather, when la Marijaia (the mascot of the Semana Grande) drifts downriver on a watercraft and is determined to flame, just to return when the following release happens.

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