Did you know that Costa Brava is one of the most historical and richest parts of Spain? Catalonia is like a small country inside the bigger one – Spain. This region has unique atmosphere because of local way of live – Catalans have their own language (they speak both Spanish and Catalan), produce their products and are proud of the culture which is completely separated from the whole Spain.

There are at least 8 reasons to visit Costa Brava - start exploring Catalan region with this list:

Peace and quiet

Costa Brava is a region which is very popular and famous among tourists. Every year millions of people from different countries come here to enjoy the sun, sea, local food and relax from hustle and bustle. Here you can immerge into the calm atmosphere with no saturation of tourists and enjoy your vacation in full.


Catalonia is one of the most green and bright regions in Spain. Every city, located on the coast, has its own unique points and places which are definitely worth to see. Small cities, going one by one, have something special and breathtaking. Nature is specific point here because in comparison to the big cities like Barcelona, you have a chance to see it just around the corner.


Opportunity to get closer to local life and traditions

The best way to know the local traditions and culture is to get immerged into the real atmosphere of regional lifestyle. Catalonia with its unique way of life is famous of people´s pride of being Catalans; therefore they have so many special traditions and habits. Indeed, when you compare Catalonia with the rest of Spain, you can clearly notice the difference in the lifestyles and local life.

Easier way of traveling

Cities on Costa Brava are all located on the coast and from each destination you can go whenever you want in Catalonia. It gives you the best chance to explore this region by traveling on the train. In addition to fast and cheap way of traveling, you also get stunning views while being on the road.


Plenty of cozy restaurants which are more attractive because of less saturation of tourists

Huge amount of little cafes and restaurants are located in every corner and can offer various dishes even for the people with fancy taste of professional cuisine. Don´t skip a chance to try delicious local food on a very high level of quality. Local restaurants are famous of its seafood, paella, sangria, tortilla and tapas. In addition to plenty of different dishes, you will get an amazing atmosphere around with less saturation of tourists, allowing you to know Catalans even better.  


You have many opportunities for unforgettable evenings flowing into the night. While walking down the street, you can drop into the bar, have couple cocktails with friends and go further. Dance salsa or meet new people? In Spain you can catch a lot of entertainments, experience different activities and become friends with great people.


Speaking about the people, Catalans are considered to be easygoing, free in communication, always getting ready to help. When you come here for the first time, you feel comfortable like at home because people are really amazing. Don´t be afraid of making new friends and speak with Catalans – the way they talk, laugh and share their thoughts is so free and so relaxed.

You have a chance to explore Spain from the other side

Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Spain to spend couple of weeks in the chill atmosphere. However, a lot of people here are lucky to know Spain not from a tourist´s perspective. You have a unique chance to explore Spain from the other side and experience your life here on a daily basis with Animafest Experience. Are you a student with a goal to become a professional in Tourism & Hospitality? Apply with for an internship in and let your dream come true in Spain! 

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