Do you want to know where to find the best nightclubs and bars on each island?

Long a refuge for hands-on, personal service and a haven away from the constant connection of today's technology, spas are discovering that they, too, have a need for high-tech. From offering the latest modern treatments to connecting with guests on social media, technology has a role in almost every aspect of the spa experience.

Barcelona is a very colorful city, nightlife is so famous here.

People from all over the world don’t miss a chance to party here. The best place to spend your evenings is close to a sea breeze or up on a hill.

Where no hills are available, a rooftop will do, and thankfully the city is increasingly finding uses for these previously unloved terraces, with their panoramic views and cooler air. Hotels have realized the potential of their roofs, laying on live music and cocktails, and they are very often open to the public. More:

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During this month 5 new bike lanes began to work across the Barcelona. That is why now Spanish city is in the midst of a cycling revolution.

Spain is a top notch study abroad destination, in fact, it is one of the most popular and commonly offers joint study and intern programs.

  1. Colorful roads in park are not just a beauty. The light is reflected from them and thats why pictures are so bright. 
  2. There is no gum in disneyland. Because it annoys people by sticking to the shoes and clothes.

Spanish strong tradition making the headdresses used in Holy Week have been an inspiration for many designers like Dolce and Gabbana’s.

Here you can find some quotes from successful people about work and practice.

While you are certainly very excited to be traveling to Spain, you probably also have many reservations about how your life will be once you arrive in the country. After all it is a totally new experience, quite different from what you are used to living.

As the great Chinese philosopher Confucius said so well "A picture worths 1000 words".

Sangria is perhaps one of the most popular and well known Spanish beverages.

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